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(Frequently Asked Questions)

  If you have questions that are not answered below, please call.

Transportation Center Phone number: (315) 668-3771

Question Answer
What bus does my child ride? See Bus Route information page.


Is there school today? Is there a delay? Current school delays and cancellations can be found:
         Online at this site.
         Tune into these local stations.


Is my children's bus going to be late? If there is a school delay (one hour, two hour), the bus will arrive that much later.

If it is a normal day and your bus is late, please call the Transportation Center.


My child is not home ... do you know where he/she is? If your child does not arrive home on the bus, please call the Transportation Center.


Can my middle school / high school student ride the elementary bus run? No.  It is District Policy that no middle / high school student may ride the elementary runs.


Why can't the driver wait a minute for my child to get out of the door?   Each bus transports from 50-65 students on each bus run.  If the driver waits a minute for each student, the route would take and extra 50 to 65 minutes .Please have your children ready and at the bus stop on time.


Can I speak to or leave a message for the driver? Yes.  Please call the Transportation Center and leave a message.  The driver will call you as soon as they are available.


Does the 3:15 late bus fro the middle and high school drop students off at home? Yes.  See 3:15 bus routes web page.



Does the 5:00 late bus drop students off at home? No.  Unless you live on the route the bus normally travels, you will need to pick the student up or the student will need to walk home from a bus drop-off point along the route.

See 5:00 bus route page to see how close the buses will come to your home.


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